Wikipedia is one of the most widely used and freely accessible knowledgebases. As one of the largest, crowdsourced resources, many researchers are engaged in making the Wikimedia platform more useful in scientific research—including researchers from our lab here at The Scripps Research Institute. If you’re interested in how Wikipedia and Wikidata are being used in science, you should check out the Wikiconference, happening today through Monday. Registration is free (or $10-$25 with food included). More details here.

Three members of the Su Lab will be presenting their work on pushing the boundaries of how Wikidata can be used in academic research.

First up is Tim. Tim will present his work on developing a microbial specific semantic data model in Wikidata modeling bacterial species, genes, proteins, diseases they cause, and drugs that treat them. He’s part of the 1:00-3:00pm session today in the Clark Room at the San Diego Central Library. Learn more.
Tim’s presentation slides can be found on figshare.
Recording of Tim’s presentation on youtube.

Both Greg and Sebastian are scheduled to present during the 3:30-5:00pm session today, at roughly the same time too! Fortunately, the conference organizers have plans to record the talks, unfortunately the quality of the video recordings tend to vary greatly.

Greg will present on a Cytoscape browser he developed using the Wikidata SPARQL endpoint. This allows him to combine a powerful way for pulling more complex information from Wikidata with a useful method of visualization. Greg will be presenting in the Shiley room on the 9th floor of the library. Learn more.
An early version of his slides are available on google drive.
Recording of Greg’s presentation on youtube (pending)

At the same time, Sebastian will be in the Clark room to present his work on adding Drug and chemical compound items in Wikidata as a data source for Wikipedia infoboxes. Sebastian played an important role in adding gene and protein items into Wikidata which allowed Gene Wiki infoboxes to pull from Wikidata. Learn more.
An early version of his slides are available on slideshare.
Recording of Sebastian’s presentation on youtube.
2016.10.09 update – links to the slides for their presentations have been added. Video of their talks is pending.
2016.10.12 update – link to recording of Tim’s presentation added.
2016.10.19 update – link to recording of Sebastian’s presentation added.