Our group has many research tools, software, and games currently under development. We are committed to helping move science forward by empowering users from both the scientific and non-scientific communities with our tools.

Tools/Software for Biomedical Researchers
biogps_logo_thumbBiogps: A gene annotation portal called BioGPS, which emphasizes two key design principles: user customizability and community extensibility…more about biogps… A simple-to-use REST web service to query/retrieve gene annotation data. Designed with simplicity and performance emphasized…more about

OncoRep_final_smallOncoRep: A fully automated RNA-Seq based report for patients with (breast) cancer, which includes molecular classifiaction, detection of altered genes,…more on OncoRep

omics_pipe_final_smallOmics Pipe: A Python framework for automating ‘best practice’ next generation sequencing pipelines. Omics pipe can be run from…more about Omics Pipe

Tools/Software for Programmers/Developers
MyGene.r: R client for annotation and query services…More about MyGene.r Python client for annotation and query services…More about

Games for Pushing Science Forward A game to help annotate biomedical literature. If YOU CAN READ, YOU CAN HELP…Visit Mark2Cure to join the interest list