I knew it! Last year, I struggled with the year-end post for the Gene Wiki/WikiData (AKA the Gene WikiData) project because the Gene WikiData team was incredibly active. I learned my lesson, and attempted to better track their activity earlier this year with a running tally. Still, the Gene WikiData team was so productive, I still had trouble keeping up with everything they did! They’ve been busy on this project–so much so, that it makes more sense to list their presentations, papers, slides; as opposed to trying to actually describe everything they’ve done this year. So here it is (and I’m probably missing things here and there), a non-exhaustive list of the Gene WikiData team’s activity (and this is only the activity of the project members here in La Jolla). I can’t even begin to cover the crazy amount of work the team members outside of La Jolla have put into this project.

You can see what they’ve done yourself by inspecting the linked, papers, presentations, slides:

Want to help? Here’s a really quick/easy way to do so: Join the WikiData property proposal discussion on Natural Science properties. The team has been requesting new properties in order to add/expand the information in Wikidata so it can become more useful. Properties need plenty of discussion and refinement in order to be approved, so chime in!