It’s still a little early, but we wanted to wish you well before the rest of your week got hectic with all the Turkey-day goodness. Since the project started, we’re grateful to have had the chance to learn and be inspired by you. For those of you who have taken the time to write to us, we’re awed by how driven, analytical, humorous, creative, and helpful you are–and we wanted some means of sharing that with you.

If only there was some way to send you a gift for the holiday season…
…given our experience with citizen science, maybe we can crowd-source it?…

And that’s how we came up with the Mark2Cure Secret Santa! Keep an eye out for our newsletter in your email inbox for more details on how to sign-up/participate.

New Mission Available!
When an NGLY1 researcher heard about what you all were doing, she wondered if the community had found anything on her gene of interest. Help search for clues on this gene in our new mission.

Your comments matter!
With complex programs, something is bound to get broken when code is updated, and it would be impossible to find and squash all the bugs, if users didn’t report them. If Mark2Cure gets wonky for you, we’d LOVE to know! Post to the talk pages, or send us an email. We can’t improve without you!