On Wednesday, the Mark2Cure development team met with Dr. Hudson Freeze (NGLY1 and CDG expert), Dr. Karen Ho (NGLY1.org’s scientific advisor), and the mighty Mights: Cristina and Matt Might to discuss the progress in Mark2Cure and to get feedback on how to proceed. Since Mark2Cure is NOTHING without our team of Mark2Curators, it would be ridiculous to exclude Mark2Curators on the progress update. We’re still far from being done and still need your help, but below is what we were able to proudly share at the meeting (thanks to you!).

So what have you helped to accomplish so far?
Since launching the campaign for NGLY1 in May…

  • We’ve had over 430 Mark2Curators participate in this campaign (over 60 of which also participated in the beta experiment)
  • Mark2Curators have submitted well over 300,000 annotations
  • Mark2Curators have submitted over 15,000 doc anns (a doc ann is 1 user’s review of 1 doc. Each doc must be reviewed by 15 users to be considered complete.)
  • Since the Talk pages were launched in July, there have been over 180 posts to the talk pages (granted I’m probably responsible for half of them)
  • Three doc sets have already been completed thanks to 190 Mark2Curators (we’ll discuss the NGLY1 teams reactions to some of what popped out of that work next week)

What’s in store for Mark2Cure?

  • Max is currently building the capability for our users to see just what they’ve helped to accomplish, and to empower them to explore the data they’ve generated
  • Jennifer is working on building the next task Mark2Curators will be able to tackle to make an even bigger impact
  • The NGLY1 team has given us some ideas for additional doc sets which may have valuable information

How can you help?

  • Complete a quest (or as many quests as you can)! There are three doc sets which are still incomplete! We can’t do this without you!
  • Help us get the word out! Share your experience on Mark2Cure with the NIH. If you joined us from VolunteerMatch, submit a review of your experience so others can find us. Share about us on twitter or facebook.
  • If you are part of another community, form a team and bring them in! Your concerted efforts on Mark2Cure is something we can leverage to help raise awareness for both Mark2Cure AND your community. If there was a Hashimoto’s, or Cystic Fibrosis, or Ehler Danlos, or a UCSD team on Mark2Cure, we would be happy to share stats or generate press releases on how Hashimoto’s, or CF, or ED advocates, or UCSD students have come together and made an impact on NGLY1.