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We are very excited to announce our first BD2k / 3rd Network of Biothings Hackathon! This purpose of this hackathon is to bring together experts in their respective fields to collectively work on solving challenges related to biomedical big data. Biomedical research is rapidly becoming data-intensive as investigators are generating and using increasingly large, complex, multidimensional, and diverse datasets. However, the ability to release data, to locate, integrate, and analyze data generated by others, and to utilize the data is often limited by the lack of tools, accessibility, and training. During this hackathon we will work on projects relating to any of the major challenges of biomedical big data, including:

  • Locating, gaining access to, standardizing, and documenting data, software tools, and APIs
  • Developing effective, robust, reproducible and interoperable means of sharing data and software tools
  • Developing new methods for analyzing biomedical big data
  • Training researchers for analyzing biomedical big data
Images from NoB Hackathon 2014

Images from NoB Hackathon 2014

Our last hackathon was a great success; 30 people worked over the course of a weekend and developed 8 amazing projects. Come join us make this one a success too. Please contribute to the list of project ideas and/or discuss ideas with other on our google group page. Hope to see you there!

When: May 7-9, 2015 (Schedule)

Where: The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) Hazen Campus

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