In an earlier post, we described how our migration to CouchDB resulted in substantial improvements to performance of BioGPS. In this post, we follow that up by outlining new functionality that was enabled by that change to CouchDB. Specifically, we have added several useful new features to the search result table, summarized here:

  1. The order of the genes in the results table now matches the original order of your query terms.
  2. Each gene in the results table shows the matched query term or terms in the “QUERY” column.
  3. Clicking the column headers will sort the results table by that column in either ascending or descending order.
  4. The new “HOMOLOGENE” column shows all available species for each gene orthology group (as defined by Homologene) and provides quick access to view the species-specific gene reports.
  5. Unmatched query terms, if any, will be shown below the results table.

Check out the example below (click the thumbnail to view full size, or execute the query live on BioGPS) . As always, feel free to send us your feedback.