A new doc set is now available in the dashboard. Don’t worry though, you can still view the results of the recently completed doc sets by going to the landing page in Mark2Cure. Speaking of the landing page, we’ve been working on making more of Mark2Cure’s content openly available. Now, you can view both the ‘in progress’ and ‘complete’ doc sets on the landing page. Furthermore, each mission (doc set) page now has info such as when the doc set was opened, who contributed and to what degree, top contributors for that set, etc. We decided that a wordcloud would be a fun way to display and acknowledge the amazing Mark2Curators that contributed to a specific mission.

WTG mark2curators!

Here are just a handful of our amazing contributors

In the last two weeks, 113 quests were completed along with 18 practice quests. Participants that had contributed at least 1 practice quest (within or prior to the last 2 weeks) AND a non-practice quest were entered into our biweekly drawing. The number of drawing tickets each participant received was based on the number of quests they submitted in the last two weeks and their performance. Users who had completed all the quests available on the dashboard as of yesterday, May 5th, were allotted tickets based on the number of quests in the open doc sets (27) and their prior performance.

The winners of the biweekly drawing are:
TAdams – Mug
AnxietyAttacked – T-shirt
Gajin4065 – T-shirt

Our next drawing will be held in two weeks time on Friday, May 20th. Because May 21st is the anniversary of our launch in the Campaign for NGLY1, there may be additional prizes available.