A couple weeks ago, we posted an open invitation on BioGPS to write a letter in support of our proposal to continue BioGPS development. We also emailed some of our most trusted and loyal uses directly.

“I find BioGPS to be the best portal on the web.”

In response, we received 34 fantastic letters from users expressing their enthusiasm for BioGPS and explaining how useful it is for their research. I’ve included a few of the most quotable snippets below.

As promised, we’ve taken down our annoying red banner on the front page of BioGPS. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t submit a letter of support. If you would like to tell us how and why you use BioGPS, feel free to email me your letter at asu@scripps.edu. Any letters that are received before our submission deadline on July 1 will be included in our renewal proposal. Any letters received after that will simply be an ego boost for us developers.

“The presentation of the information and ease of use of the interface is nothing short of excellent.”
“BioGPS is my first port of call when looking for information on gene expression.”
“The longer I used it and the more I explored the configurability, the more indispensible it became for my research.”
“BioGPS is bookmarked on every computer I own.”

“I was hooked after the first time I used it and it’s the first (and best) place to look for information about gene function.”

“BioGPS has become an essential tool in my scientific toolbox.”

“I like the commons approach to BioGPS development, freeing me to do what I do best, which is to hunt for new drug targets.”

“BioGPS is certainly a breath of fresh air, compared to many other gene annotation sites.”

“I use BioGPS almost daily in my work. BioGPS is a vital resource for the genomics community.”

“BioGPS is a valuable tool in my research and I hope to see it continue for many years.”

“BioGPS functionalities and capabilities have allowed to solve complex tasks and to save time, integrating and making a huge quantity of information easily available.”