BioGPS plugins have a new look! While we’ve always had plugin windows that have been functionally adequate, they haven’t always been easy to use (or easy on the eyes). Therefore, we’re very pleased to announce that the plugin windows have undergone a makeover.

There are several nice usability enhancements. I’ll enumerate a few of them here, but bottom line, these windows are now more intuitive so they should behave more how you’d expect them to.

  • Eight-point resizing: resize plugin windows from any edge or corner
  • Browser status icon: icon in the title bar clearly indicates when the plugin content is finished loading
  • Maximize/restore: a single button or double-clicking the title bar allows users to toggle to a larger window size
  • Open in new window: under the window options menu, open the plugin in a new browser tab/window

As always, comments and feedback welcome…