Dr. Gregory Stupp obtained his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences in the College of Medicine Interdisciplinary Program at the University of Florida, Gainesville. He joined the Su Lab as a Research Associate in September of 2014. Prior to joining the Su Lab, he discovered a novel detoxification activity of C. elegans to phenazines produced by P. aeruginosa and developed protocols and analytical tools for the mass-spectrometry based technique, IROA. He is proficient in Python, R, and has advanced knowledge of MATLAB.

In his spare time, he contemplates the intricacies of computer-based learning while silently meditating to the gustatory glories of exquisitely assembled entrees comprised of Coryphaena hippurus flesh, a mixture of flour and water, and spices/oils of unknown origins.



Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville

B.S. Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainesville