Funding Sources

Research funding for projects in the Su Lab is provided by the following grants:

Grant Name PI awarded Institute awarded Awarding Agency Grant #
BioGPS:A crowdsourced portal for gene-centric online resources Dr. Su TSRI NIH/NIGMS GM083924
The Gene Wiki: Community intelligence
applied to gene annotation
A Community Effort to Translate Protein Data to Knowledge: An Integrated Platform Dr. Ping TSRI NIH/NHGRI HG008015
Data Management and Resource Repository for the exRNA Atlas Dr. Milosavljevic Baylor College of Medicine NIH/NIDA DA036134
Community Platform for Data Wrangling of Gene and Genetic Variant Annotations Dr. Wu TSRI NIH/NHGRI HG008473
Studies of Joint Aging and Osteoarthritis Dr. Lotz TSRI NIH/NIA AG007996
Elucidating pathological mechanism of DI-CMTC Dr. Yang TSRI NIH/NINDS NS085092
Scripps Translational Science Institute CTSA Award Dr. Topol STSI NIH/NCATS TR001114
Transcriptional control of synaptic plasticity by class IIa HDACs Dr. Maximov TSRI NIH/NINDS NS087026
The role of gut bacterial proteases in ulcerative colitis Dr. Wolan TSRI Boehringer Ingleheim BOERHIN/SFP-2093
Genomics for Transplantation: Discovery and Biomarkers Dr. Salomon TSRI NIH/NIAID AI063603