Ginger Tsueng

Ginger Tsueng

Ginger Tsueng

Scientific Outreach Project Manager

Department of Integrative, Structural and Computational Biology
The Scripps Research Institute
gtsueng at scripps dot edu
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Love science and research? I do! I’m an extremely enthusiastic researcher with a Ph.D. from the Cell and Molecular Biology program offered jointly from SDSU and UCSD. My dissertation research was on viral persistence in the stem cells of the central nervous system. I enjoy engaging in cross-functional, multi-disciplinary, collaborative team endeavors. 


Ph.D., Biology, UCSD/SDSU Cell/Molecular Bio. Joint Doc. Program
MBA, Business Administration, San Diego State University (SDSU)
BS, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
BS, Psychology, University of California, San Diego

Recent Posts

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Check out the new PanDrugs plugin from @pandrugs_cnio–the clean design neatly and intuitively provides information on drugs that relate to your gene of interest. Thanks to the good folks at Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas, this...

Happy Halloween

If you love science and enjoy learning, you’re in for a treat! Andrew (the brains behind Mark2Cure) will be holding a webinar using two case studies (the Gene Wiki Project and Mark2Cure) to illustrate the use of crowdsourcing as it applies to...

Recent Publications

Applying Citizen Science to Gene, Drug, and Disease Relationship Extraction from Biomedical Abstracts.
Tsueng G, Nanis M, Fouquier JT, Mayers M, Good BM, Su AI. Bioinformatics

Aligning Needs: Integrating Citizen Science Efforts into Schools Through Service Requirements.
Tsueng G, Kumar A, Nanis SM, Su AI. Hum Comput (Fairfax)

Cross-linking BioThings APIs through JSON-LD to facilitate knowledge exploration.
Xin J, Afrasiabi C, Lelong S, Adesara J, Tsueng G, Su AI, Wu C. BMC Bioinformatics

High-performance web services for querying gene and variant annotation.
Xin J, Mark A, Afrasiabi C, Tsueng G, Juchler M, Gopal N, Stupp GS, Putman TE, Ainscough BJ, Griffith OL, Torkamani A, Whetzel PL, Mungall CJ, Mooney SD, Su AI, Wu C. Genome Biol

Gene Wiki Reviews-Raising the quality and accessibility of information about the human genome.
Tsueng G, Good BM, Ping P, Golemis E, Hanukoglu I, van Wijnen AJ, Su AI. Gene

Citizen Science for Mining the Biomedical Literature.
Tsueng G, Nanis SM, Fouquier J, Good BM, Su AI. Citiz Sci

BioGPS: building your own mash-up of gene annotations and expression profiles.
Wu C, Jin X, Tsueng G, Afrasiabi C, Su AI. Nucleic Acids Res

Coxsackievirus B exits the host cell in shed microvesicles displaying autophagosomal markers.
Robinson SM, Tsueng G, Sin J, Mangale V, Rahawi S, McIntyre LL, Williams W, Kha N, Cruz C, Hancock BM, Nguyen DP, Sayen MR, Hilton BJ, Doran KS, Segall AM, Wolkowicz R, Cornell CT, Whitton JL, Gottlieb RA, Feuer R. PLoS Pathog

The role of autophagy during coxsackievirus infection of neural progenitor and stem cells.
Tabor-Godwin JM, Tsueng G, Sayen MR, Gottlieb RA, Feuer R. Autophagy

Coxsackievirus preferentially replicates and induces cytopathic effects in undifferentiated neural progenitor cells.
Tsueng G, Tabor-Godwin JM, Gopal A, Ruller CM, Deline S, An N, Frausto RF, Milner R, Crocker SJ, Whitton JL, Feuer R. J Virol

More publications may be available, check PubMed