About Me

Love science and research? I do! I’m an extremely enthusiastic researcher with a Ph.D. from the Cell and Molecular Biology program offered jointly from SDSU and UCSD. My dissertation research was on viral persistence in the stem cells of the central nervous system. I enjoy engaging in cross-functional, multi-disciplinary, collaborative team endeavors. I am meticulous in organizing and documenting my research findings and have created customized databases for improved knowledge management. I also enjoy coding/programming and building computers on the side, and have created/managed web sites and databases for academic life science laboratories. I hope to help facilitate the Su Lab’s collaborative efforts.


My Publications can be found on my Google Scholar page.


Ph.D., Biology, UCSD/SDSU Cell/Molecular Bio. Joint Doc. Program
MBA, Business Administration, San Diego State University (SDSU)
BS, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
BS, Psychology, University of California, San Diego


Recent Posts


BioThings- Other Biothings in the works

By now, you've probably seen the announcement that our renewal grant application has been approved. In addition to funding the improvement of, and the extension of lessons learned from, the renewal grant will fund the development of a BioThings Software Development Kit (SDK). To our knowledge this BioThings SDK will be the first open-source bioinformatics software...
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MyVariant- Lesson’s learned and what’s in store

In case you missed it, a sneak peek at what's in store for was posted last week, so it's only FAIR to share our plans for MyVariant. Although the development of naturally followed that of, the scale of variant annotation data presented a difficult challenge that required additional architectural and performance considerations. At the time was...
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The anniversary of Mark2Cure’s official launch is coming soon

Mark2Cure's 3rd anniversary is coming up, and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to have interacted and learned from you over the last few years! You make this project interesting. You make this project interesting and exciting. You make this project educational and humbling. You make this project useful and valuable. Although our research team has shrunk two half of what it was when...
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Sneak peek–what’s in store for

As of the most recent data update on April 24th to build version 20180422, the db grew to contain 22,132,511 documents. As a valuable service that has seen over 20 million requests in the last 30 days, was fortunate enough to receive renewed support for improving its offerings. The landing page will be overhauled with a sleeker, more attractive, intuitive,...
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Happy Citizen Science Day Hero Badge Hunting!

Citizen Science Day was April 14th this year, and Mark2Cure partnered with the San Diego Public Library to host a local Citizen Science Expo. Of course, many of our wonderful contributors are not in San Diego and could not attend the event. For those of you who wish to get in on the Citizen Science Day excitement, we've joined the EyesOnAlz Citizen Science Day Hero challenge. The challenge will...
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