Derek Jow




My name is Derek Jow. I am 20 years old, and I am currently studying Computer Science with a specialization in Bioinformatics at University of California, San Diego. Bioinformatics is a great mix for my love of coding and biology. I love coding because you can make technology come to life in innovative ways that improve our life. However, I also have a passion in studying molecular biology because the great complexity of all the
interactions within the cell fascinate me. The most interesting part, though, is really the study of DNA. I know that since the study of DNA is so complicated, I can use my love and talent for coding to help study the genome and create tools to help analyze all this biological data.

I’m currently working in the Su Lab, doing website development on, a fork of WikiGenomes that uses WikiData. By creating development tools for researchers like Chlambase, I am helping the world collect, store, and analyze even more biological data to help unlock and discover all the mysteries of life itself.



University of California, San Diego
Jacob’s School of Engineering
B.S. Computer Science & Bioinformatics 2019