Join us

Are you passionate about biomedical discovery through the lens of computer science, mathematics, and statistics? Are you a bioinformatics hacker that just manages to get stuff to work? Are you interested in doing highly collaborative science with both experimental and computational colleagues?

If any of those answers is “yes”, then we’d love to consider you for a position. Between new grants and graduating/departing lab members, we are almost always recruiting for staff scientists, postdoctoral researchers, developers, and/or interns. Feel free to check out the Scripps job board for officially-posted positions, or contact Andrew to discuss current or upcoming opportunities.

NOTE: Undergraduates interested in joining as a graduate student should apply to Scripps Research’s Skaggs Graduate School of Chemical and Biological Sciences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am open to inquiries and applications from people having unusual educational or employment backgrounds. But if you don’t explicitly tell me why you are interested in my lab, then your application will be indistinguishable from the many spam applications I receive and therefore will probably not be read or responded to.