Names and Pronouns

Science is a highly international discipline, and reflecting that, our lab has members from all over the world. Sometimes the pronunciation of names can be unfamiliar, and we encourage you to ask if you are unsure how to pronounce someone’s name. (I often ask this when I first meet people — for example, “It’s nice to meet you. Just so I get it right, can you tell me how to pronounce your name?”) We also encourage lab members to specify the pronouns that they use when others refer to them in the third-person, and ask that lab members use the correct pronoun when referring to others. If you’d like more information on why pronouns matter, and why even cisgender people should consider specifying their pronouns, please see the following links:

Instructions on how you can add pronouns can be found here:

Correctly referring to people using their name and pronouns is a simple way to make people feel welcome and included, so please make an effort!