Group meetings

We have two standing lab meetings, both joint with the Wu lab.

On Friday 11AM PT, we have our all-group meeting. In general, we start with any group announcements or general discussion, followed by a single presenter. The presentation usually focuses on recent progress / update / challenges on whatever project the presenter is working on. On occasion, it can also be a journal club presentation of a scientific paper, a code review, or a tutorial on a topic of general interest. In all cases, remember that the backgrounds of group members are very diverse, so focus on giving a very general background of the topic for the first 10 minutes. (On subsequent presentations, you may feel like it is redundant to repeat the same introduction, but it is totally fine since there will be new attendees and people will need a refresher.)

On alternating Mondays, we have a science-focused meeting. This meeting series is open to all but primarily focused on making sure our trainees (graduate students and postdocs) get ample opportunity to discuss and present the latest scientific advances and methods. Again, it is one presenter per week, and the format can either be a research presentation, a journal club, or a practice talk for a conference or committee meeting. Lunch is provided to local attendees.

The schedule for both meeting series are in the Group meeting schedule spreadsheet, also embedded below: