We just have three quick pieces of news to share:

  1. NIH/NCATS which funds our research has decided to do a feature story on Mark2Cure. This would NEVER have happened without your contributions to the project, so THANK YOU! You can find the feature here: https://ncats.nih.gov/pubs/features/citizen-science
    (For those of you who have sent us bug reports or helped us with Ux testing, THANK YOU many, many times over. We’re still trying to fix the issues you’ve reported, but we’re definitely working on them.)
  2. Mark2Cure has been listed on a new citizen science gaming directory website. The site is a nice new resource for information on citizen science games, and we’ve been very excited about its launch. Hopefully it will integrate with Science Game Lab in the future so that even the act of submitting reviews/sharing about citizen science games will be rewarded/gamified.
  3. A few pictures from our Secret Santa event have come in. If you’ve already received/opened your Secret Santa gift, please be sure to send a captioned picture so we can share it with your Secret Santa.