Over the last two weeks, our amazing contributors completed the galactosemia/glycosylation mission which was derived from concepts that the Mark2Cure community identified from an even earlier mission. In other words, the galactosemia/glycosylation mission was made possible only because of the contributors to the Oxidative Stress mission.

Our newest mission now available expands on the investigation of the stress response focusing on the stress response and glcnac. Please continue to help Mark2Cure look for clues (or share about us if you don’t have time to Mark2Cure).

Just a reminder, our relationship module is mobile-friendly so you can now use Mark2Cure on your phone or mobile device. Of course, any feedback you have on Mark2Cure’s relationship module (from a mobile device or not), would be most welcome!

Special thanks to our users who report issues with our site. Max has been busy stomping out the bugs you’ve found.

Many of you may have noticed the lack of pre-populated annotations in the recent missions. This has been fixed, and most docs should be pre-populated again.

The synopsis feedback for each relationship extraction quest has also been improved to display the correct text for a concept (it had been displaying synonyms).

If you notice other wonky behavior on our site, please let us know! Your feedback makes a huge difference!