New doc set available
We opened up a new doc set this morning which needs your brain power! This doc set is curated around a biological process called ‘autophagy’, and its involvement in the development of seizures. Autophagy is how cells recycle cellular components and is an interesting process because it is involved in many other ailments. Cancer cells can take advantage of autophagy to get rid of chemotherapeutic agents. Virus and other pathogens can hijack the autophagic pathway in order to hide while they replicate. Autophagy is also under intense scrutiny in the study of Alzheimer Disease, Parkinson Disease, Diabetes, and more. Learn more about this interesting process while helping to find clues for NGLY1 deficiency!

Special message for Beta Phase participants
We are preparing to publish the results from the beta phase of Mark2Cure. Our team is small so we’ve been a slow to publish our results in academic journals. If you participated in this phase of Mark2Cure, you should receive an email on how to have your name (and a short message) added to the online author page that will be linked to this publication. If you’re interested in reading the publication, don’t worry! We fully intend to publish in an open access journal. Your work that made the publication possible, so you shouldn’t have to pay to see the fruits of your labor!

Mark2Cure featured in TSRI’s News & Views
A nice article featuring some of our awesome curators (thank you, Judy, AJ, and LadySteph) by TSRI’s science writer, Madeline McCurry-Schmidt, was published last week. Thank you all for making Mark2Cure something worth writing about. You can view the article on our blog or on TSRI’s site.

In case you missed it
You can review the incredible work that you’ve done in our 2015 year-end summary. We look forward to another amazing year (and more publications) with you, so please keep marking2cure!