Last week, Mark2Curators completed the FBX-Engase doc set which was roughly 30% the size of the Alacrima doc set. Forty-five Mark2Curators made submitted 11,177 annotations in 767 separate contributions as seen below:
group 5 contributors
Six users completed almost every doc in the FBX-Engase set! At 45 contributors for 48 docs, this set also had a higher proportion of contributors to docs than the alacrima set (which consisted of 142 docs and was completed by 53 contributors).
group 3 contributors
The FBX-Engase doc set had a much higher proportion of genes concept relative to diseases concept. Adding this set to the preliminary Alacrima network, we can see how each doc set completed by the Mark2Cure community extends the knowledge space surrounding NGLY1.
group 3 and 5