With the newest doc set on oxidative stress launched just last week, the Mark2Cure community wrapped up the FBX2-Engase doc set up this week.

FBX 2015.08.14

This set may be done, but our newest set is huge! Help mark it!

In this doc set, 6 users completed almost every doc available in this set (skye, carawgoalie, Isabelle, Ladysteph, ckrypton, and mariomar_it). Following that, five users contributed 40-42 docs (mikulda1, billmcquillan, ReshmaJitesh, and kuhno1980). Seven users contributed at 20-39 docs (vancez, StellaRemnant, daniette, chu2k, mirasume, manabu.torii, and aprilwent). Altogether, users who contributed to at least 20 docs accounted for 85% of the work needed to complete this set. If you are one of the contributors (doesn’t matter how many or how few docs you contributed) to help complete the FBX2-Engase doc set, THANK YOU!

Every doc contributed counts towards our goal. Thank you

Every doc contributed counts towards our goal. Thank you


In case you missed last week’s Mark2Cure update, you can find it here:
New Doc Set and a preliminary look at the data generated by Mark2Cure | The Su Lab.