First of all, a big and warm welcome to the Mark2Curators who have joined us recently! We’re very excited to have you and look forward to interacting with you in the future. By participating in Mark2Cure, you’ve joined a really awesome group of people who use their intelligence for a great cause. For those of you who have been persistently pushing the CDG doc set closer to completion, THANK YOU! The CDG doc set would not be at ~90% completion without your efforts.

If you haven’t Marked2Cure in awhile, please help us! Just completing one quest will help us move closer towards completing this doc set.

As per our user survey of the most desired features, we’ve implemented a new search function in Mark2Cure so that your recent marking can be copy/pasted into a search browser on a new page. Try it out!

We’re working hard on adding a discussion board feature in order to enable you to exchange ideas. We’ve learned so much from you and hope that our Mark2Curators will enjoy learning from one another as well.

Why do you Mark2Cure? The reasons you mark2cure are a great source of inspiration and motivation for us.

We’ve added a #WhyMark2Cure photo album on our facebook page to spread some of the good vibes you’ve inspired within us. We’ll be adding the reasons on a regular basis so follow us on twitter or facebook.