This has been a rather large doc set, so you’ve all been amazing in bringing it this far. With around 480 docs in this set, we expected that completing this set would take some time. As of today, only 19 of the 97 or so quests still remain to be completed! If you have some time this weekend, please help complete some of these quests. Every little bit helps.

As many of you may have noticed, the pre-population of the docs hasn’t been working lately. We’re not exactly sure what happened, but Max has been working on fixing the issue. Which raises a question in our mind:

Let us know! Additionally, we’ve been rolling out a new feature this week, which we’ll highlight in greater detail later on. If you haven’t been on Mark2Cure in the last few days, complete a quest or two and check it out!

For our awesome and incredible Mark2Curators who have run out of quests to do, we’re refraining from exposing more than 3 doc sets at a time as we don’t want to dilute the effort so much that none of the sets get completed. Many thanks for your patience in the matter and for your incredible contributions to our efforts. To run out of quests is an amazing feat! Though our limitations may be keeping you from contributing directly right now, you can still help us (as @GeordieSteph3 has) by sharing about Mark2Cure so more people join us and help complete the CDG doc set.

Lastly, here’s our #WhyMark2Cure image for today: