This year, BioGPS has received 40K more queries than last year, and that’s not even counting this month’s queries!* According to google scholar, the BioGPS paper has been cited 586 of which 143 were publications in 2014. Publications about the default data sets used in BioGPS were cited 4957 times of which 414 citations were from publications this year. The most recent BioGPS application paper about BioGPS and was cited 36 times this year for a total of 51 citations.

Our excellent Gene of the Week writers, Melissa Lau and Kerin Higa have written about 40 different genes spanning a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: Blood-letting, Body Odors, Blood Brain Barrier, Beats, Breast milk, and Blood Type– all while incorporating all sorts of interesting references such as Pliny the Elder, Game of Thrones, King Oyster, the Iran Hostage Crisis, and so much more. As a fan of their works, I look forward to seeing what they come up with next in 2015!

The utility of BioGPS was augmented by the addition of 32 new plugins this year bringing the total BioGPS plugin count to 625 plugins, of which 366 are publicly shared amongst the BioGPS community.

As seen in our featured article series, BioGPS users study a huge variety of interesting and important subjects ranging from immunology and infectious disease (eg- pertussis and juunin virus) to evolution and model organism knowledge base development. BioGPS users conduct important research elucidating genes involved in circadian regulation in the heart or bone development or even the development of lung disease.

In addition to specific genes, BioGPS users study patterns of gene expression such as those which reveal how maternal obesity may affect fetal development, or those which one day could be used to detect patients at high risk of renal transplant rejection or even to determine if alcohol consumption played a role in an airplane accident.

Happy New Year!  Don't drink and drive!

BioGPS users are also investigating the role of alcohol in plane accidents. If you drink, please do it responsibly.

Thank you for using BioGPS and letting us know about your awesome research. We hope you will continue to add new plugins and tell us (and your colleagues) how BioGPS has been incorporated into your research. Happy New Year!

*2014.01.02 edit – December’s usage stats were a record-breaking 101252 queries! This means the total usage in 2014, was 140k queries higher than in 2013.