Can you code?
Are you interested in the intersection of computer science and biology (bioinformatics) ?
Do you want to meet interesting people?
Are you excited about building new pieces of software that could change the face science and medicine?
Do you want to win a cash prize for your open source code?
Then its clearly time to:
  • Location:  UC San Diego on the 5th floor of the CALIT2 building.
  • Sign up:  sign up 
  • Schedule:
  • Friday, November 7
    • 6-10pm : Welcome social / project team formation
  • Saturday, November 8
    • 9am-? : Hacking !
  • Sunday, November, 9 
    • 9am-10:30: Final hacking / presentation preparation
    • 10:30am:11:30am Pitches and Demos
    • 11:45am: Prize announcements

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