bd2k_logoToday, the NIH announced several new awards under the Big Data To Knowledge (BD2K) initiative. I’m very excited to announce that our group will be participating in one of the BD2K Centers of Excellence.

Our awarded proposal is titled “A Community Effort to Translate Protein Data to Knowledge: An Integrated Platform“. It’s a bulky title, but it hits the two points of emphasis for our Center — building community-based infrastructure (a long-standing strength and interest of our lab), and a focus on proteomics.

I’m very excited about the team of investigators that will participate in our Center. The Center will be directed by Peipei Ping (UCLA), and I will serve as co-Director with Henning Hermjakob (EBI). Merry Lindsey (UMMC) and Karol Watson (UCLA) round out the team of MPIs. In addition, our Center includes key contributions from John Yates (TSRI), Eric Topol (STSI), Mike Kellen and Stephen Friend (Sage Bionetworks), and others.

There will be a NIH-hosted meeting of BD2K PIs in Washington DC next month where I’m looking forward to meeting the other BD2K PIs and coordinating with NIH staff on the overall BD2K initiative! More soon!