adam matrix copy The Mysterious Genius of the Su Lab remained quite the mystery even after I’d been with the lab for a month. Where did he come from? Where does he vanish to? What is he working on? Given the extremely varied backgrounds of the other Su lab members, it would make sense if he was a member of a secret organization dedicated to liberating humans from machines hellbent on enslaving humanity. Were this the case…did I really write this post?

Fortunately, the Mysterious Genius, Adam Mark, doesn’t appear from and disappear into a higher plane of reality. He’s just making the painful commute between the Su lab at TSRI and San Diego State University, where he just completed his first year as an M.S. Candidate in Biomedical Informatics.

Enthusiastic about both bench work and programming, Adam would love to combine his two disparate skill sets to transcend the translational genomics and big data realm. The Mysterious Genius has been working on developing an R client for as well as


Don’t be fooled by the surfer dude vibe…Adam is unmistakably intelligent

An avid surfer and genuine connoisseur of ocean waves, the Mysterious Genius has traveled throughout Asia and the south pacific, and plans to make a trip to the Meditarranean soon. Not so mysterious, after all? Think again! The Mysterious Genius seems to be a beach-loving, wave-surfing, fun-in-the-sun, kind of genius, but further investigations reveal a colder, darker side to him.


Forget the hockey coach scouting Adam for his team, Adam became a coach himself

Throughout his undergrad, he played for SDSU’s ice hockey team and then went on to coach the sport for two years after graduating. After graduating, with a B.S. in biochemistry, Mysterious Genius joined Dr. Saloman’s lab at TSRI and even contributed to a publication in the prestigious journal, Science. Upon returning to SDSU for graduate studies, Mysterious Genius was recruited by the genius-in-charge with insane mental organizational skills to conduct his thesis research in Biomedical Informatics.