One would think that a $500 prize would be sufficient to motivate a cash-strapped researcher, or a starving scientist-in-training student to put together an entry for the Network of Biothings Driving Biological Projects contest. Heck, since the contest is open to anyone with an imagination, one would think that someone somewhere would be interested in submitting an entry–especially since NO actual programming is needed for this contest.

The contest simply asks, if the entire body of biomedical literature was easily searchable (if it was annotated for all variables in each article), what biomedical research question would you answer? What variables would you need to answer that question, and why can’t it be answered now?

With a deadline looming in just a few days (contest closes on June 30th), we could really use some entries (ie- good ideas). So, what are you waiting for? Enter the contest already…details can be found here.