In addition to recruiting for new postdoctoral associates, my group also just posted an ad for a Scientific Outreach Program Manager.

What exactly is a Scientific Outreach Program Manager? In truth, we’re not completely sure. What we do know is that our lab believes passionately in crowdsourcing, and engaging crowds is a lot of work. Our existing lab members do an amazing job developing the technical infrastructure. But more and more we’re realizing that direct human engagement must also be a key part of our strategy.

With that realization, we’re looking to bring in a new team member with increased bandwidth and complementary skills. This position will touch a wide range of our current projects. For example:

The main criteria for the job are the same as the ones we’ve mentioned before: awesomeness and matching interests. If you’ve done great work in the past, and you’re interested in crowdsourcing and the projects above, please apply!

The formal job posting is at