There are exciting changes brewing here with the BioGPS team, and it’s time we shared them with you.

I (Andrew Su, the PI behind the BioGPS and Gene Wiki projects) have decided to move back to academia. Beginning July 1, I will be joining the Scripps Research Institute where I will be an associate professor in the department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine. My lab’s research will continue to pursue a blend of biomedical tools development and biomedical discovery. More details on that to come.

For those who aren’t familiar with Scripps, it’s one of the world’s largest private, non-profit research institutions. Scripps focuses on basic biomedical research, employing over 3000 employees at the main campus in La Jolla, CA and the new addition on the Jupiter, FL campus. It has an amazing graduate program in biology and chemistry (send your talented students our way!). In short, we’re lucky to be joining such a research powerhouse.

GNF has been home to BioGPS for the last three years (and home to me for the last nine). It has been and will continue to be an amazing place for biomedical research and drug discovery. The only negative aspect of this move is the team of fantastic colleagues and exciting projects that we’ll be leaving behind.

For our loyal band of BioGPS users, you can be assured that we have a migration plan in place that will ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted access. We’ll post details of that plan here in the next two weeks.

Looking ahead, the future of BioGPS is as bright as ever. Many members of the BioGPS development team will be transitioning to Scripps with me. And after the migration is complete, we have an exciting line up of new features in various stages of development that we’ll be working hard to release.

More details in the coming weeks!