It’s been one week since we started redirecting SymAtlas users to BioGPS, and we’ve been thrilled with the response so far. Comparing the seven days after the change with the seven days before, we see a 55% increase in BioGPS page views (25,871 vs 16,726) and a whopping 88% increase in BioGPS visitors (3269 vs 1740). And although we provide the options for users to go back to SymAtlas, over 75% of users choose to use BioGPS.

A few other metrics that may be of interest:

  • There are currently 111 registered public plugins in the plugin library, including several plugins registered by external users in the last week. (Anyone else care to register their own?)
  • There are 675 registered users of BioGPS, including 112 who have registered in the last week. Those registered users come from at least 342 unique institutions (judging by email address).
  • There are a total of 499 custom gene report layouts created by 267 users.

It’s metrics like these that keep us excited and working hard. (And as always, feedback is appreciated…)