TSRI Travel and Reimbursement Policies

Please notify Andrea in advance of any travel on behalf of the lab, whether it is reimbursed by a third party or not.  

She may assist in making arrangements, and can often get group discounts to keep costs down.

Also have a look at our Travel Reimbursements Best Practices Guide.

Reimbursement protocol:

  • everyone use Expensify to prepare reimbursement requests
  • categorize expenses according to Transportation, Lodging, Meals, Registration fees, Mileage, and Other
  • when finalizing report, use these display options: Layouts = “Breakdown by Group”, Group by = “Category”
  • submit the finalized PDF to Shirley
    • electronic version by email
    • hard copy with any original receipts taped to relevant pages
  • it is easiest for Shirley if all expenses are submitted at the same time, but if you want advance payment on airfare or registration, see Shirley

Then, Shirley will:

  • prepare RFT form on pink paper
  • attach trip justification (conference agenda, etc.)
  • confirm with Andrew on account to use

Reimbursable Items:

  • Train, taxi, shuttle, rental car, gas, parking, tolls
  • Lodging – Note, TSRI requires an itemized invoice for hotel. This is due to the type of expenses that can be incurred and must be categorized properly. Room and tax only
  • Phone, fax, video conferencing, internet
  • Meals (room service or meals signed back to room number) (Please see Tips re: alcohol)
  • Registration fee (only if paid by RFP directly to registration office, NOT to traveler)

Types of expenses that are not reimbursable include:

  • laundry & valet service
  • video rental
  • event tickets
  • spa charges, etc.

Note that Canada & Puerto Rico are NOT considered Foreign Travel
Please notify Shirley Willis as soon as you have confirmed you will be traveling outside the US.

  • A Foreign Travel Request form must be submitted prior to the traveler leaving.
  • Domestic Airlines must be used when leaving and entering the U.S.
  • FYI: The travel advance account (1-10000-1520 for CA) can be used for expenses incurred prior to traveling. This is strictly an advance and if your travel is cancelled, the funds still need to be paid back to TSRI. Please be aware of Cancellation Policies (Hotel, conference, etc).


Receipts are required for all expenses. (TSRI has no per diems.)

  • Missing receipts – please note what the receipt is for & why it’s missing (i.e. lost, destroyed, etc)
  • Note: Credit card statements do not provide enough detailed information to be considered acceptable receipts. Statements can be submitted along with the travel reconciliation documents.

Receipts for food that includes alcohol will cause the Finance Department to classify the expense as Entertainment instead of Business, which limits the type of account this expense can be charged to for reimbursement.
It’s not that you can’t be reimbursed; it’s up to the PI to determine how much is reasonable under “entertainment classification.”

  • Attempting to get separate receipts for food and alcohol will not work. Finance Office will compare date/time/location on the receipts and still classify as Entertainment.
  • Crossing off the alcohol will not prevent the expense from being re-classified.

Visit the Scripps Research procurement page.