Welcome to the Su Lab!

We’re excited to have you join us. Here are some things you should do to get a jump start in this lab.

Before you arrive (2-4 weeks in advance)

1. Verify equipment will be ready for you prior to your start date. If not, it will need to be ordered. This equipment may include, but is not limited to:

  • *computer
  • mouse
  • keyboard
  • monitor
  • docking station/docking equipment
    *A computer is the most pressing item you will need prior to your arrival. Additional items can ordered after assessment during your first week. You can schedule an appointment with the ergonomics department (contact Louise Norton) to affirm you have all the materials you need for a healthy, happy work space. Equipment itself can be coordinating via lab administrative assistant Andrea Hom and PI Andrew Su.

2. Update your member profile page (http://sulab.org/the-team/), which be done by contacting lab project manager Ginger Tsueng.

3. You can get a head-start on current conversations happening in the lab via the (Contact PI Andrew Su for these):

  • Slack channel (group chat) *a great way to introduce yourself and inquire about protips for finding housing
  • Su Lab Github (https://github.com/SuLab)
  • Su Lab Google Drive and DropBox

4. You should receive a notification from HR regarding your orientation meeting(s). This will sort out your email account, ID card, parking permit, payroll and benefits, etc as needed. Contact Kayla Martin

Your first few days

  1. Verify your ID card works to open the doors and gates during off hours, and that you can access your scripps.edu email account.
  2. Get an ethernet port activated for you — submit a network connection request with IT (intranet link).
    Note you can access an array of software through coordination with IT (https://intranet.scripps.edu/its/index.html) and lab administrative assistant Andrea Hom, ensure you are able to set-up VPN access through these same channels.
  3. Trying to find places to grab a coffee or lunch? There are several points of access for food on the Scripps Research campus, as well as scheduled food trucks (calendar: https://teamup.com/ks2jixahoo3d3ztcpi).

Within the first few weeks

  1. If you wish to park in the gated lots, you may need to contact the parking office and have your ID card activated to enable access to gated lots. If you don’t, then regular parking permit should work just fine.
  2. Schedule and attend any other required orientation meetings with HR–usually there will be at least one or two other meetings aside from your orientation meeting. The benefits orientation, and some sort of workplace safety meeting. These will vary based on your job title.
  3. Get access to the repositories you’ll need. These are project-specific, but the Su lab has repositories on Github.
  4. You can access and sign-up for all Scripps Research listservs as appropriate here: http://lists.scripps.edu/