Lunch options

Please note, the Su lab has moved! It used to be at MEM-216 and was conveniently located across Sanford Burnham which has a cafeteria that is open to the public during lunch hours (11am – 2pm). The Molecular and Experimental Medicine building also has an Avanti Marketplace available for convenient Sundry goods. The price range of these goods is similar to what you would expect from a college sundry store. The Aventi Marketplace is located in MEM-105b and is monitored with security cameras. These options are all still available if you want to walk and/or have key card access to MEM.

The Su lab is now located at Stein Research, 402. It is conveniently located close to Scripps Green Hospital which has a cafeteria with healthy menu options on the first floor. There are also coffee carts located nearby in the Immunology Breezeway, and right outside the Scripps Green Hospital. Otherwise, the Su lab is equipped with the following amenities located in its breakroom:

  • High-powered microwave–take care not to blow up your food
  • Refrigerator–It’s shared, but there has been only two instances of someone’s lunch being eaten by the wrong person. In both incidents, it was an accident, and profound apologies were offered.
  • Bottle water service–The water cooler has hot and cold water settings available
  • Coffee-machine–Not everyone drinks coffee, so you’ll have to ask a coffee drinker about how to operate it if you’re uncertain.