Group committees

General info

  • Committee terms will generally last 6 months — Sep 1 – Feb 28, Mar 1 – Aug 31
  • Volunteers taken first, then remaining roles will be assigned


Committee list


Social committee (3 people)

  • Duties: Organize lab social events (annual budget provided)
  • Current members: Greg, Jake, VACANT

Group meeting committee (2 people)

  • Duties: Coordinate group meeting schedule and format, do group meeting setup and video recording
  • Current members: Ginger, VACANT

Lab organization (3 people)

  • Duties: Keep the lab areas organized and clear of clutter
  • Current members: Toby, Nuria, Cyrus

Lab move (3 people)

  • Duties: Plan and coordinate the lab move, including providing feedback on design
  • Current members: Ginger, Greg, Chunlei