Jacob Bruggemann




Jake Bruggemann is a second-year graduate student at the Scripps Research Institute. His background is in computation and mathematics, but his interests have since expanded to the realms of biology, bioinformatics, and statistics. Currently he is working on crowdsourcing particle recognition in cyro-EM data.



B.A. Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University 2013.
B.S. Physics, Rice University 2013.



Falcón, Claudio, Jake Bruggemann, Matteo Pasquali, and Robert D. Deegan. “Localized Structures in Vibrated Emulsions.” EPL 98, no. 2 (2012).

Raclariu, A.-M., S. Deshpande, J. Bruggemann, W. Zhuge, T.h. Yu, C. Ratsch, and S. Shankar. “A Fast Method for Predicting the Formation of Crystal Interfaces and Heterocrystals.” Computational Materials Science. Accepted


Microscopy Masters Launch

In a previous blog post, we asked for beta testers for our Zooniverse-hosted citizen science project Microscopy Masters. Thanks to the feedback we received from our initial testing run, the project was approved for a full launch by Zooniverse and is up and running on their site. Thanks to everybody who tested or left any comments, we really appreciate it. You can learn more about our project by...
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New Citizen Science Project!

We have previously mentioned our citizen science effort to identify biomedical concepts in text, Mark2Cure. However, there are tasks aside from text annotation that can overwhelm scientists. Cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM for short) is an increasingly popular method for creating 3D models of proteins. In single-particle cryo-EM, samples of a single protein are frozen in extremely thin...
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