About Me

Love science and research? I do! I’m an extremely enthusiastic researcher with a Ph.D. from the Cell and Molecular Biology program offered jointly from SDSU and UCSD. My dissertation research was on viral persistence in the stem cells of the central nervous system. I enjoy engaging in cross-functional, multi-disciplinary, collaborative team endeavors. I am meticulous in organizing and documenting my research findings and have created customized databases for improved knowledge management. I also enjoy coding/programming and building computers on the side, and have created/managed web sites and databases for academic life science laboratories. I hope to help facilitate the Su Lab’s collaborative efforts.


My Publications can be found on my Google Scholar page.


Ph.D., Biology, UCSD/SDSU Cell/Molecular Bio. Joint Doc. Program
MBA, Business Administration, San Diego State University (SDSU)
BS, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
BS, Psychology, University of California, San Diego


Recent Posts


A look back at 2016 for BioGPS

BioGPS opened 2016 with a publication in Nucleic Acids Research, right after the New Year holiday. Throughout the year, new designs for the site were being created, reviewed, adjusted, reviewed, adjusted, and more review/adjustments in anticipation of a site redesign for 2017. A Plugin registration Blitz was held in March and April; followed by a Plugin Review Blitz in May. The BioGPS spotlight...
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A look back at 2016 with Mark2Cure

Happy New Year!!! Thank you for contributing to Mark2Cure with your annotations, comments, questions, bug reports–and general feedback. You’ve made the Mark2Cure project an amazing project to work on and we are so grateful that you found us. Many of you have been kind enough to report bugs and we are definitely trying to fix them. However, we only have one research programmer working...
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Wrapping up 2016 in the Su Lab

There are a LOT of projects going on in the Su Lab–so many, that it’s hard to keep track of them all. By now, I’ve posted year-end summaries for some of the major projects in the lab including: 2016 Year-end review 2016–More incredible for than Gene Wiki / WikiData: 2016–A busy year for Gene Wiki...
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2016–More incredible for than

As mentioned in’s year-end review, the team behind both services have been very productive. In addition to all the work they did on (and the back-end/BioThings services behind both and, they made the following improvements to this year: -2016.01.06: ClinVar data structure overhauled -2016.01.18: ClinVar data updated...
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It has been a busy year for the team as they worked to apply the lessons they learned in building and towards a BioThings framework, and the generation of additional services. At this rate, 2017 is on track to be a very interesting year. In 2016, aside from all the BioThings improvements happening behind-the-scenes, saw a number of improvements...
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