About my work

I am interested in understanding and building processes for creating and distributing knowledge. In particular I am driven to enable the accumulation of useful knowledge about the human genome such that that knowledge can be applied to improve the human condition. This drive has lead me on a path from cognitive science, through machine learning, to bioinformatics and most recently to ‘community intelligence’ or ‘crowdsourcing’. At Scripps I participate in the development of the following related projects:


Publications (pre 2013)

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Ph.D., Bioinformatics, University of British Columbia
MS, Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems, University of Sussex, Brighton, England
BS, Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego

About me at play

I’m an avid, though not very talented, surfer and bodyboarder, cyclist, volleyball player, and child wrangler…



Recent Posts


Building a Garden of Biological Knowledge

March 13, 2013 I wrote up an idea in my notebook that I called ‘Pubmed Daily’.  The concept was to build a system that would leverage large-scale crowdsourcing/citizen science and machine learning to produce a high-quality, structured representation of the knowledge in every abstract in PubMed on the same day that the abstract appeared online.  Nearly two years later, based...
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Hackathon recap: Network of Biothings in San Diego

This past weekend, Nov. 7-9, the Neuroscience Information Framework, the Su Lab, NDex, The International Society for Biocuration and the San Diego Center for Systems Biology hosted the second Network of Biothings Hackathon.  The event took place at Atkinson Hall (Calit2) on the UC San Diego campus.  For the record, and to enhance what can already be seen in the Twitter story of this event, here...
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What is a hackathon?

As an organizer of the upcoming Network of Biothings Hackathon at UC San Diego, I’ve been asked by a number of people what a hackathon is exactly.  I’m repurposing one of those responses here (original posted on the San Diego iOS developers meetup group). The main idea is that a variety of different people come together to meet each other and make something together –...
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Network of Biothings Hackathon at UC San Diego

Can you code? Are you interested in the intersection of computer science and biology (bioinformatics) ? Do you want to meet interesting people? Are you excited about building new pieces of software that could change the face science and medicine? Do you want to win a cash prize for your open source code? Then its clearly time to: Sign up for the next Network of Biothings Hackathon! Location:  UC...
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Network of BioThings: Hackathon 2 San Diego (when?)

The Network of Biothings, first announced in December of 2013, is being imagined by a loose, self-organizing consortium of people who share the vision of uniting and linking the world's biological and medical knowledge.  In support of this vision, The Su Laboratory, with partners at UCSD, is gearing up to host the second Network of Biothings Hackathon.  The first...
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