About my work

I am interested in understanding and building processes for creating and distributing knowledge. In particular I am driven to enable the accumulation of useful knowledge about the human genome such that that knowledge can be applied to improve the human condition. This drive has lead me on a path from cognitive science, through machine learning, to bioinformatics and most recently to ‘community intelligence’ or ‘crowdsourcing’. At Scripps I participate in the development of the following related projects:


Publications (pre 2013)

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Ph.D., Bioinformatics, University of British Columbia
MS, Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems, University of Sussex, Brighton, England
BS, Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego

About me at play

I’m an avid, though not very talented, surfer and bodyboarder, cyclist, volleyball player, and child wrangler…



Recent Posts


Science Game Lab: tool for the unification of biomedical games with a purpose

Scripps team: Benjamin M. Good, Ginger Tsueng, Andrew I Su Playmatics Team: Sarah Santini, Margaret Wallace, Nicholas Fortugno, John Szeder, Patrick Mooney,  With helpful ideas from: Jerome Waldispuhl, Melanie Stegman Abstract Games with a purpose and other kinds of citizen science initiatives demonstrate great potential for advancing biomedical science and improving STEM education.  Articles...
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Building communities of knowledge with Wikidata

As the Wikimedia Movement works to define its strategy for the next fifteen years, it is worthwhile to consider how its recent product Wikidata may fit into that strategy.  As its homepage states, “Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines.” Wikidata is a particular kind of database designed to capture statements...
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Introducing Knowledge.Bio

I just prepared the following poster abstract for the upcoming Big Data 2 Knowledge all-hands meeting at NIH.  Please play with the tool it describes and let us know what you think (it is a work in progress!).  Also, if you have a chance, please stop by the poster and say hello! Knowledge.Bio: an Interactive Tool for Literature-based Discovery  Personal knowledge graph showing literature-derived...
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Poof it works – using wikidata to build Wikipedia articles about genes

The Gene Wiki team has been hard at work filling wikidata with useful content about genes, diseases, and drugs using the new and improved ProteinBoxBot.  Now, we are starting to see the fruits of this labor in the context of Wikipedia. Infobox for ARF6, rendered entirely from content WikidataThe Gene Wiki project has programmatically created and maintained the infoboxes to the right of all the...
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Recruiting NLP-crowdsourcing-semantic-web postdoc or staff scientist

Our laboratory at the The Scripps Research Institute in beautiful San Diego, California is recruiting a talented individual to help us use crowdsourcing to push the boundaries of biomedical information extraction and its applications.   We are looking for someone with experience in natural language processing (statistical or linguistic), machine learning, and knowledge representation.  This...
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