Andra Waagmeester

Happy Birthday Wikidata!

On Wikidata’s fifth birthday, we (the Gene Wiki team) offer our hearty congratulations!! It is amazing what has been achieved in such a short timespan. Wikidata has basically given us – and the larger research community – the gift of not having to maintain a core knowledge infrastructure. It has been taken care of (i.e. millions of SPARQL queries daily), so the research community can...
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Integrating Wikidata and other linked data sources – Federated SPARQL queries

This blog is about running federated SPARQL queries on Wikidata.  A federated query is a special type of SPARQL query that runs on more then one SPARQL endpoint. It allows access to multiple linked data resources in a single query. Below is a template of a federated query. The WikiData Query Service (WDQS) now supports federated SPARQL queries on a limited number of endpoints. Remote SPARQL...
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