Upcoming event — Med Lit Blitz!

Extracting information from biomedical literature is a huge problem that many researchers are trying to solve computationally. Mark2Cure approaches the biomedical literature problem with citizen science in hopes of enhancing computational methods. Happily, we are no longer alone in this regard! In fact, a year after Mark2Cure officially launched, another citizen science project (Cochrane Crowd), officially launched in order to identify randomized control trial papers from the biomedical literature. Since both projects were launched in May, Mark2Cure and Cochrane Crowd will be celebrating our anniversaries together!

Join us in celebrating the project anniversaries and the amazing way citizen scientists and volunteers have been helping to address issues in biomedical literature. We will be having a slew of joint events with Cochrane Crowd the week of May 8th, which will include a webinar, a Cochrane crowd marathon, and a Mark2Curathon. Details on the webinar and Med Lit Blitz should be announced next week.

New Entity Recognition Mission now available:

Peripheral Myelin Protein 22 (PMP22) is an N-glycosylated transmembrane protein that is mainly found in the nervous system. It was identified by multiple users in many docs spread across several different missions. Perturbations in this protein’s homeostasis have been linked to Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) disease. Many cases of CMT are actually caused by a PMP22 gene duplication which results in the over expression of the gene. NGLY1 functions to de-glycosylate cytoplasmic proteins enabling them to be recycled. Can we learn about the mechanisms behind NGLY1’s neurological symptoms from the literature on N-glycosylated proteins like PMP22? Help us explore the literature around an interesting clue that YOU found.