Shining a light on rare disease!
Next week, Mark2Cure will be joining HESA online’s #dazzle4rare campaign to help raise awareness for rare diseases. Because many of our Mark2Curators have experienced the impact of a rare disease, we would like to use this opportunity to highlight rare diseases of interest to our community.

If you contribute to Mark2Cure and would like us to share about your contributions and/or the rare disease you care about, please let us know! We will be happy to share your links, your quotes, and your thoughts about rare diseases that you care about.

The #dazzle4rare campaign begins on August 15th and ends on August 21st, and we welcome you to join in and share your stories via facebook and twitter.

Seniors and Retirees make the difference!
August 21st is another important day to Mark2Cure because it is Senior Citizens Day. Mark2Cure has benefited from the wisdom and experience of a lot of incredible seniors and retirees. Whether they’ve been improving our tutorials, creating new visualizations for feedback screens, helping other users, drafting press releases, contributing massively to the completion of the missions, or simply sending us encouraging messages; we are grateful for the amazing group of seniors and retirees who have joined Mark2Cure and helped turn it into something great!

The story on the DMSO clue continues…

In our last newsletter, we discussed an interesting clue that our amazing community of contributors helped to uncover. We shared this clue with enthusiastic NGLY1 researchers and they did not hesitate to post a follow up. In their most recent post, the Perlstein lab discusses various mutant flies and the relative sensitivities of each to DMSO. You can read more about their call for more DMSO/mutant fly data in their recent post.