Microscopy Masters Launch

In a previous blog post, we asked for beta testers for our Zooniverse-hosted citizen science project Microscopy Masters. Thanks to the feedback we received from our initial testing run, the project was approved for a full launch by Zooniverse and is up and running on their site. Thanks to everybody who tested or left any comments, we really appreciate it. You can learn more about our project by visiting its page on Zooniverse and clicking “Research” and “Talk” tabs. We hope you’ll take the time to try out our newest citizen science endeavor!

Also, during a short workshop this Saturday at our Citizen Science Day Expo I’ll be going over Zooniverse and the many projects on it as well some other virtual citizen science projects. Hope to see you there!

Here’s the Microscopy Masters link in case you missed it

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  1. Hi Jacob – What a great tool! I think it operates very nicely!

    I’m wondering if you’d be interested in collaborating on incorporating this particle recognition software into a web portal that I’m developing at the San Diego Super Computer?

    Let me know and I’d love to chat more about this!


  1. Mark2Curathon happening now! | The Su Lab - […] (who works on microscopy masters) will be leading a computer workshop on virtual citizen science projects. You can sign…

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