The Campaign for NGLY1 is now live and underway! Help us get the word out!

There are will be some excellent talks surrounding Mark2Cure: Campaign for NGLY1, TODAY!

First of all, Matt Might (Bertrand’s dad) is giving a talk for the 3rd Big Data for Biomedicines conference at Stanford and will be on in the 10:45 AM (PST) session on computation and crowdsourcing. Though not necessarily about Mark2Cure, this promises to be a very interesting talk so watch it via the live stream.

Additionally, Andrew will also be giving a talk at this conference for the BD2K session (which starts at 4:00 PM PST). Andrew will definitely talk about Mark2Cure to some extent and is a very engaging speaker. He’s the last speaker in the session, so be careful not to miss it! Watch the live stream here!

Here are some features that have been added since the Beta Experiment:

  • More concepts to mark, more tutorials to learn from
  • Multi-marking mode (three different marker colors)
  • Wikia Forum for suggestions, bug reports, help, and more!
  • Practice doc set–improve your skills by learning from an expert partner
  • Docs…lots and lots of docs, and still more docs to come!
  • Quest groupings in the dashboard

We plan to incrementally improve and add features to Mark2Cure during the Campaign for NGLY1. Announcements on new features (or patch updates to Mark2Cure) will be posted as soon as the changes are made on the Wikia site. We’ll try to update the blog at least weekly with Mark2Cure news, and send out monthly email updates to those on the Mark2Cure mailing list.