What is Mark2Cure?

Mark2Cure is a citizen science tool that empowers anyone who can read to make biomedical research literature more useful for researchers. Mark2Cure citizen scientists improve their ability to read and understand biomedical research abstracts while enabling researchers to more efficiently utilize biomedical research literature. Ultimately, Mark2Cure aims to annotate all biomedical research literature since certain diseases may be related to other diseases in unexpected ways. However, every ambitious project needs an attainable starting goal. For Mark2Cure, this goal is annotating rare genetic disease research literature. Historically, rare genetic disease researchers have relied heavily on patient communities and foundations to fund their work. Many of the discoveries on rare genetic diseases would not be possible without the highly active and extremely dedicated community of patients/parents of patients. Mark2Cure invites members of these communities to help researchers spend less time studying research literature, and more time finding a cure.


Join the Mark2Cure interest list and help push biomedical research forward when we launch.


  1. Anne McNaughton

    I read an article in the S.D. I.T. re reading scientific articles to help identify impertinent information. I am interested in learning more about it & if I would qualify. I am a retired R.N. But have no other scientific training..

    • Thank you for your message on our blog. With your background as an RN, your contributions would definitely be valuable to our project. A background in science is nowhere near as important to us as a willingness to learn and help. To join, please visit https://mark2cure.org/beta and click ‘start now’. Note that it’s not required, but using a mouse makes it a lot easier to do what’s needed on the site.

      Feel free to email us (using the email icon) or click on the ‘help button’ (available to registered users) if you have any concerns, feedback, comments, questions, etc. Your input will help us improve so we’d love to hear from you.

      Lastly, we desperately need more people like you, so please share Mark2Cure with anyone you think might be interested.

  2. Don Wofford

    would love to help.

    • We’re happy to hear that you’d love to help, because we’d love to have your help. There are two important ways you can help:

      1. Click ‘start now’ from https://mark2cure.org/beta and then completing as many quests as possible once you’ve completed the training.

      2. Spread the word about Mark2Cure to anyone you think might be interested. We count on people who care, like you, to make a difference so spread the word!

      Thanks again and best wishes

  3. Judy & AJ Eckhart

    We think we are interested in this but we have some questions. Is there someone we can talk to in order to learn a bit more about this? I could not find a phone number or e-mail under your contact section. Thank you.

    • You can contact us by submitting your inquiries via email to:
      contact (at) mark2cure (dot) org

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