BioGPS has become the valuable resource that it is because of the contributions from our wonderful user community. Thank you for contributing plugins, suggestions, and ideas–all of which have improved BioGPS for everyone. In order to celebrate the contributions of BioGPS users to the scientific research community, we will be rebooting the BioGPS Spotlight series which highlights tools/databases/browsers/etc that have added utility to BioGPS as plugins. We hope BioGPS users will try out these new plugins and encourage their developers to continue creating useful tools for the scientific community.

Additionally, we will begin featuring publications and articles generated by BioGPS users as part of the BioGPS Featured Article Series. If you used/cited BioGPS in your publication and would like to share your research accomplishments with the rest of the BioGPS community, let us know! This ongoing series will share the Wednesday spot on the blog with the Spotlight series on a rotating schedule. We sincerely hope you will join us in celebrating the fascinating work that YOU do.