In order to make the ever-growing body of biomedical research literature more useful for EVERYONE, the Su Lab at The Scripps Research Institute has been working on a citizen science-based approach to annotate biomedical research abstracts. The idea is that Mark2Cure will enable anyone to help parse through and annotate biomedical research literature. In turn, citizen scientists can help break a major bottleneck in biomedical research and help researchers to more quickly find buried treasure in sifting sand.

A Quirky, artistic genius with great hair at the Su lab has been working tirelessly to get Mark2Cure ready for its most important audience to date: You! Without citizen scientists and people like you, Mark2Cure will just be another unsuccessful attempt at making biomedical research literature more useful. With the help of citizen scientists like you, it becomes a powerful tool for addressing a growing bottleneck in biomedical research.

Please help to make Mark2Cure a great app for both citizen scientists and researchers. Join the interest list and help beta-test/improve Mark2Cure when it launches.


Help push biomedical research forward, join Mark2Cure