This motley crew muddles through motley clues

The genius-in-charge with insane mental organizational skills described his collection of geniuses as a motley crew–a group of people of mixed background, especially one with a common goal (awesome science).

Although the group does have some things in common (they are geniuses…all of them), for the most part, they are quite different. Take the Insanely talented undergrad genius for example. Most members of the Su lab have completed or are on track to complete a graduate degree. This might be Karthik Gangavarapu’s case in a month or so, but right now, he has yet to finish his undergraduate degree.

How’s that for genius? The Insanely talented undergrad genius worked with the Su lab previously through the Google-hosted Summer of Code in 2012 and 2013, developing an interactive network visualization for data linking genes to diseases in Gene Wiki+.

If you have any doubts as to the appropriateness of the genius label, visit his personal site and see some of the artistic work he’s done with javascript. If you still don’t see it, consider this: Karthik was also one of the co-founders for Tune Patrol.

As for his membership in this motley crew, Karthik carries some experiences worthy of sharing with the Dos Equis guy. Imagine the commercial:

Be patient, mew love...as soon as I find a way around your security, we can be together

Be patient, my love…as soon as I find a way around your security, we can be together

He once connected 150 bands to audiences…with his keyboard.
“He has feline fans stalking and preying to get his attention.”
“He was once in the service of a monkey. A real-life. Friggin’. Monkey.”
“He is the insanely talented undergrad.”
Insanely talented undergrad genius
 Karthik: “I don’t always wear neko mimi, but when I do, they’re ones that have been developed to read and express my emotions.”
As a member of the Su Lab, the insanely talented, undergrad genius has been working on the next tool in the developmental pipeline following his work on The Cure.


Much to his dismay, Karthik now sends telepathic waves that attracts members of the feline species since donning the famed Neko Mimi (helm slot, +8 INT, +4 CH, -2 STR)