Update (06/05): We have now deployed a workaround to BioGPS, so that Google Chrome users won’t be affected by this bug. We have also reported this bug to Google Chrome team. If you still experience the issue, you might need a forced refresh on your browser.

Update (05/28):  The workaround for this issue:

Click drop-down menu on top-right corner –> click “Settings” –> click “Show advanced settings…” on the bottom –> scroll to the bottom, and uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

Note that Windows version of Chrome still has the same issue even with the latest verison “27.0.1453.94 m”, as long as “Hardware acceleration” is turned on and your graphic card supports it. Apply the workaround above if you experience black-screen issue.

Popular browser Google Chrome just got an update from version 26 to version 27 on last Tuesday (05/21). We then quickly noticed this version causes a black screen when you view a gene-report page on BioGPS. This affects Google Chrome on all platforms: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, as long as your version is “27.0.1453.93” (what’s your version? click the drop-down menu on top-right corner and select “About Google Chrome“). Google apparently noticed this issue and released a hotfix for Windows users (verison “27.0.1453.94 m”) two days later. This latest version solves the black-screen issue for BioGPS gene-report page. We are hoping Mac and Linux users will soon receive the same bugfix from Google.

OK, so here is our suggestion if you are having this black screen issue with BioGPS on Google Chrome:

Windows users:
If you do have this issue, check your version by clicking the drop-down menu on top-right corner and selecting”About Google Chrome“, then re-launch Chrome should let you upgrade to the latest version.

Mac and Linux users:

Please use other browsers for the moment. We have tested either Firefox or Safari has no problem with BioGPS. And also check Google Chrome until Google releases a bugfix. We are monitoring closely as well, will update you on our blog post and google group.


And as always, feel free to let us know if you need any assistance.