[Fixed]Does it affect you? Black screen on recently updated Google Chrome.

Update (06/05): We have now deployed a workaround to BioGPS, so that Google Chrome users won’t be affected by this bug. We have also reported this bug to Google Chrome team. If you still experience the issue, you might need a forced refresh on your browser.

Update (05/28):  The workaround for this issue:

Click drop-down menu on top-right corner –> click “Settings” –> click “Show advanced settings…” on the bottom –> scroll to the bottom, and uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

Note that Windows version of Chrome still has the same issue even with the latest verison “27.0.1453.94 m”, as long as “Hardware acceleration” is turned on and your graphic card supports it. Apply the workaround above if you experience black-screen issue.

Popular browser Google Chrome just got an update from version 26 to version 27 on last Tuesday (05/21). We then quickly noticed this version causes a black screen when you view a gene-report page on BioGPS. This affects Google Chrome on all platforms: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, as long as your version is “27.0.1453.93” (what’s your version? click the drop-down menu on top-right corner and select “About Google Chrome“). Google apparently noticed this issue and released a hotfix for Windows users (verison “27.0.1453.94 m”) two days later. This latest version solves the black-screen issue for BioGPS gene-report page. We are hoping Mac and Linux users will soon receive the same bugfix from Google.

OK, so here is our suggestion if you are having this black screen issue with BioGPS on Google Chrome:

Windows users:
If you do have this issue, check your version by clicking the drop-down menu on top-right corner and selecting”About Google Chrome“, then re-launch Chrome should let you upgrade to the latest version.

Mac and Linux users:

Please use other browsers for the moment. We have tested either Firefox or Safari has no problem with BioGPS. And also check Google Chrome until Google releases a bugfix. We are monitoring closely as well, will update you on our blog post and google group.


And as always, feel free to let us know if you need any assistance.




  1. Brandon

    Thank you so much! This worked!

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Just updated to Version 31.0.1650.63, and it does it too (12/18/2013).
    Shutting off hardware acceleration seems to fix it.
    Hope this doesn’t become a recurring problem.

  4. Andrew Su

    @Mike, I just tested on 31.0.1650.63 and don’t see this issue reoccurring. If you continue to have this problem, can you email us at biogps@googlegroups.com so we can debug further?

    • I just had the same problem, and turning off hardware acceleration seemed to do the trick. Using 31.0.1650.63 m.

  5. Jerome Fehribach

    Turning off hardware acceleration fixed my black window when trying to use Turbotax-on-the-web launched as a pop-up at Vanguard.com . Chrome reports: Version 32.0.1700.72 m

  6. VA Richards

    I can’t get the page to show the top portion – can’t close it – can’t uninstall chrome to fix it.

  7. thank you very much 🙂

  8. We I go into Google Maps it gives me a dark screen. I am on Windows 7 and using Firefox. The workaround that I have found is to click into google earth for a second and then go back to the map and then it goes back to normal.

  9. Thanks, it worked for me, a windows user. I was almost going crazy.

  10. vivek

    I can’t even see the settings page, the screen is all black. I am using ubuntu.

    • alicia

      Vivek, same for me. How am I supposed to click “Settings” if the whole Google screen is black?
      This happened, btw, right after a massive Windows 8 update. (Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer also stopped functioning, and now there are constant warnings of hard drive failure. New machine.)

  11. it shows black screen, how you have access to menu?!!!!
    it is completely black, there is no menu and other option

  12. This extra black screen started popping up randomly a week ago, I havnt changed a single setting for it to make it happen. Thank you for telling me how to switch it off, it was a pain in the ass!!

  13. I had a similar problem. My solution: to open to the web browser, right click on the Chrome icon in your bottom tray and select any webpage you find there. Once the webpage is open, left click on the little 3-horizontal-line icon in the upper rt corner of the page just under the red X. Then select “open Chrome in desktop mode” (or something to that effect). This puts everything back to normal, as it was running in the “Open Chrome in Windows 8 mode”. Hope this helps someone.

    • I just upgraded my Google Chrome and now I have a black page that pops up with the Google icon and I can’t get rid of it…I have a Windows 8.1. I have clicked on the upper right corner icon and it does not show me a “desk mode”…and I already re-launched and that did not get rid of it

  14. This still does not work. As soon as I log into Facebook the screen briefly displays then is completely overlayed with black. I have no access to any of the controls. I have tried this in both normal mode and incognito.

    On my home Windows 8.1 machine I got a prompt about allow notifications and it started working. My office Windows 7 machine has no such prompt and going into Advanced settings and adding Facebook as an allow exception has zero effect.

    Problem is, when I run Facebook in IE on any machine, it causes the video drivers to bluescreen the machine!

  15. I cant access the menu as the whole screen is black and all the fixes I have tried such as uninstalling and installing, and other suggestions haven’t worked.

  16. John Browning

    I had this problem, increasingly, where Chrome (which I am required to use for work) would in the middle of a page, suddenly black out, more and more. I’m on MacBook, and I followed all the routines and nothing changed. But I also was running on very low memory (“YOUR STARTUP DISK IS FULL”). When I cleared it (which, itself, took a bunch of research), the problem cleared up.


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